The Cabinet is a series of objects found in my room, objects that I see every day, that have been made strange by completely fabricated backgrounds and shadows. This series is based around the illusion of shadow and space. To begin with I was mainly concerned with form in this project, but a sense of the supernatural has undeniably arisen from the set. This supernatural element has been especially interesting to me as it is placed alongside everyday household objects not normally associated with horror or German expressionism.
Every image is taken with an object found in my living room on a white background. This background has either shadows, an environment made to look like a three-dimensional space, or both with the use of drawn shapes and shadows with marker pens. A Flash and an LED light are used to eliminate as many real shadows as possible and add a range of tones to the blank white space in the images. Some images such as the scissors and the stapler were made with a point light held close and at various angles with the real shadows traced and painted, some have entirely fictional and impossible shadows drawn from imagination such as the screw.
There are two key influences to this series. André Kertész’s Fork was the key image that inspired me to photograph everyday objects. I was fascinated by how he took one and made it dramatic and intriguing without making it abstract, where it was still obviously a fork. The other key influence was The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Genuine, two films by Robert Wiene. These films are the polar opposite of the ordinary. They use entirely constructed sets with painted shadows and lines. I took these two approaches, the real and the fake, to produce this series.​​​​​​​
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